Saturday, August 2, 2008

My baby is growing up!

My oldest baby, Sarah, turns 8 in a few days but we decided to have her party today. It was a great party with family. It is so hard to believe that 8 years ago, she was a little bitty 5lb 2 oz thing and her little backside could fit in the palm of your hand. My first born is growing up. It is interesting watching her become the person she is and a blessing to have in our lives.
I had decided to give her my first sewing machine. I debated about it because she is young but her maturity level and the way she works with her hands I could tell she was ready. Anyway, I set it all up in my sewing building. Ignore the ugly table please. I set it all up last night and we surprised her with it. I showed her how to sew and seriously, she took to it like I couldn't believe. She went and cut up some fabric and made the little bag all by herself. Next I will teach her how to thread and troubleshoot and all that good stuff. I know this is quite a few pics, but I couldn't resist :)
Happy Birthday Sarah!


Katherine said...

That was such a great gift. I was just looking at your website and noticed the blog. I am trying to start blogging. It is a great way to keep my friends updated. Maybe we can talk more often:)

Monica said...

I plan to do the same thing in Feb. when my daughter turns 8! Must be the year for it. I don't have the machine I used as a child though but I plan to get her a childs version on my old singer. Love your work and lifestyle with the goats, chickens and children!