Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Little Tease.....

of what is to come :) We are planning a fun set of collabs with someone special. There are a few more that did not make it into the photo that are still partying in my sewing building. But you can't see what is on the feet you say? Dang, I must have forgotten to take a pic of the really cool new prints. Oh, but wait!!! I did find JUST one here that I can share. Woohoo! I am not totally for sure when these will be available but I am guessing sometime later this month.

Garden Update

I have been pretty busy this past weekend and week getting caught up on several orders I had going so am running a little slow getting items stocked this week. The garden has been calling my name and I have been playing in it. I need to get some more stuff planted. It has been so nice and wet this season that I don't think I will have any problems with planting late. Here is the progress. The squash are doing really well now. I had a mystery squash plant pop up. I had been composting directly in one of the beds over the winter and it came up so I let it grow. I *think* it may be a spaghetti squash. I noticed though today that there may possibly be some worm damage. They bore into the base of the plant and take up residence inside the plant potentially killing it. I doused the base with poison (yeah, I know... not real organic), but the plant already has tiny squash on it and I REALLY want to see what they will be. I am in the process of re-mulching in between the beds hence the 2 colors. I also rolled out this big cool stump. The kids love it. I sit on it, they jump off of it or use it as a table. So, enjoy the photos.