Friday, August 29, 2008

Yesterday was pretty exciting!

I experienced something that I don't care to re-live ever. I was on my way to pick up Sarah from school but first stop off and bring James some lunch. I was about to make a tight left hand turn off the main road onto a side road. The road is 3 lanes at this point. I had to wait shortly for an oncoming car to pass so I could turn. I heard something behind me and split second looked up to see another car slam me from behind. Looking at the road, there was only about 10feet of skid marks which slowed his tank down very little. He claims he didn't even see me. I am guessing he was going 60-65 mph. Anyway, his bumper hit me and somehow I guess lifted the car from behind and rolled me over. I thought I had rolled twice but I think I was tossed up and landed down on the hood and then continued to roll. I ended up in the other lane back up on my tires and facing the wrong direction. Thank the Lord I didn't have Caleb with me. God's hand of protection was on me yesterday. I lost some hair and had scratches on my head and some bleeding, but could have walked away had I been able to open the door :) But to look at me, you would NEVER know. I am so thankful. I was wearing my seatbelt which saved my life. My gorgeous Cute2Carry purse was tossed out in the road unscathed. My cell phone was out there in pieces and was put back together and works perfectly. I have no doubt I would have broke my neck or been thrown from the vehicle without my belt. Instead I sat there with a wad of hair in my hand and one small piece of glass in my eye which came right out. All the windows except the very back ones were gone. I got the "fun" experience of riding in an ambulance and was released quickly from the ER. So, with blood in my hair and all over my shirt, I proceeded to the rental car place and have a blue Ford Taurus with zero get up and go and then proceeded to the pharmacy to get some antibiotics filled. You should have SEEN the looks I got from people. I have had days where I looked better I suppose :) Anyway, I am so thankful to be here and realized how quickly life can end. I just knew I was going to die and had enough time to just think about that. You don't have time to prepare. I thank God for everything he has done.

So here are some pictures. The big Cadillac belongs to the other guy. I am glad he wasn't hurt and hope he has learned something from all of this.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My baby is growing up!

My oldest baby, Sarah, turns 8 in a few days but we decided to have her party today. It was a great party with family. It is so hard to believe that 8 years ago, she was a little bitty 5lb 2 oz thing and her little backside could fit in the palm of your hand. My first born is growing up. It is interesting watching her become the person she is and a blessing to have in our lives.
I had decided to give her my first sewing machine. I debated about it because she is young but her maturity level and the way she works with her hands I could tell she was ready. Anyway, I set it all up in my sewing building. Ignore the ugly table please. I set it all up last night and we surprised her with it. I showed her how to sew and seriously, she took to it like I couldn't believe. She went and cut up some fabric and made the little bag all by herself. Next I will teach her how to thread and troubleshoot and all that good stuff. I know this is quite a few pics, but I couldn't resist :)
Happy Birthday Sarah!

Our babies are growing!

Well, all 9 babies are now just shy of a month old. I can already tell that we have several roosters in the bunch. I don't know what I am going to do with all of them :) They are already getting real feathers and can get up in the roost with the big ones at night. They are a ton of fun to sit and watch (if you can stand the 100 degree plus temps that is). We make sure they have plenty of water. They stay in the dirt to try and stay cool. So, do you remember the brown mama I told you about that had like zero mothering instincts? Well, I actually had to keep her separated from the babies when they were itty bitty. She would actually pick them up and throw them if they got too close to her. Well, about a week ago I notice the babies gather around her and she was actually starting to feed them and give them food. Well I guess she decided babies are not such a bad thing because my daughter ran and told me she was sitting on a nest. I didn't believe her and sure enough she was sitting on 3 eggs. She has been sitting for about 4 days and I am not real optimistic. I went out today and she was sitting on an empty nest and I noticed 1 of the 3 eggs had been broken. I took the other 2 and put them in the nest with her and she pushed them under her so we shall see. It was like she didn't want to sit in the dirty nest :) I think the eggs will be fine because it has been 100 outside and she had not been off them long. Anyhow, here are a few pics of the progress.