Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Soap On The Way

I manage to do this every single time. I wait until the last minute to re-order soap and sure enough, I did it again. That doesn't seem to matter though as I can email Katie and she ALWAYS responds within minutes and tells me it is no problem. Saying Katie is fast is an understatement. So we currently are having more Love Spell being made up and instead of the Butt Naked scent this time (which I really DO love), we are going with Yuzu which is in the same family of scents in my opinion, but something different to offer and another scent that I really love.

If you are not familiar with Katie at Ewe Need It,( ) check her out if you get a chance. Excellent products for wool and baby, and of course stellar customer service.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Already Preparing for Fall.....

Our busiest time of year is soon coming up. With all the sewing that goes on and wrangling of kids, sometimes the details get overlooked. I finally took a couple of hours to do a little bit of house cleaning on the website. I had a stack of 6 or 7 new footies prints that have been sitting here for weeks waiting on photos and to be listed. I think yesterday I must have listed 20 new recycled pieces and today cleaned up the footies listings and divided them neatly into "boys" and "girls" catagories. After customer requests a few months ago, we now have an option to customize footies with the addition of an interlock waistband rather than a traditional waist band. I want to further the idea of customization and will be working on adding a slot to "build your own footies" or something to that effect. We should have that activated by tomorrow if all goes as planned.