Saturday, July 12, 2008

We have babies!!!!

Baby chicks that is. I am no chicken farmer by any means. We only had 1 lone rooster and 2 hens. We are quite attached to our pets and we enjoy yummy eggs most of the year (they take a break in the coldest months and lay eggs based on hours of daylight... that is the science lesson of the day) Our brown hen would not sit on eggs to save her life. I am not sure what kind of breed she is but if she thinks she is going to get to eat, that is where you will find her. She follows me in the yard and acts more like a dog than a chicken. Our white chicken though has tried to have babies for the last 2 years. The first year she was sitting on 1... yes 1 egg. It did hatch but something happened to the baby within about 2 weeks. Year #2 she was sitting on eggs and something managed to get them about half way through while she was setting on them. Goodness I felt sooooo sorry for her. This year she decided to set on 9 eggs and we watched her closely and checked her several times a day. Lo and behold every one of the eggs hatched and now she has 9 little babies. She was setting on eggs that she had laid and our brown chicken had laid and you can tell some of them are going to be brown and the others white. Our daughter, Sarah, gets up super early and runs outside to open the door to the roost and puts up a ramp so they can get in and out. We keep mom and babies inside the pen to try to make sure that all the babies will make it. They are soooo tiny and fluffy. They came out of the nest the very next day after they hatched. Sarah goes out and does a head count about 5 times a day to make sure none of them gets lost :)

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