Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gluten & Eczema????

As many of you know, my little boy who is now 4 has been plagued with eczema since he was a few months old. It has mostly settled in on his legs down around his ankles. We tried cutting out dairy for a few weeks and there was no change. Then we thought the culprit may have been eggs. We cut them out and no change. It would seemingly flare up for no reason at all. When it was at its worst, we took him to the dermatologist and I tried to find out from her what internally could be causing this???? She wanted to only give me creams filled with crap and tret the symptoms. They worked at first and then quit working. I thought, well, I guess he will grow out of it. He turned 4 last September and guess what.... he hasn't outgrown it. He has always been skinny but I felt he just has a high metabolism like me. No big deal. I was talking online with another mom and as moms do, we discussed poop. Caleb may kill me for this later talking about his poop, but the boy has always pooped 2-3 times a day and it was never "normal" stuff. I chalked this up to high metabolism again and dubbed him Sir Poopalot :) I never put the 2 together until I started researching, but the symptoms really seem to line up with a gluten sensitivity. I don't think his body is absorbing the nutrients he needs. Along with being skinny and the eczema, I have noticed his hair seems a little dry and he just overall doesn't seem healthy like he should. I am very excited to try this new theory about the gluten because for once, the symptoms seem to line up. We will be on our way to the health food store for some snacks and some bread that he can eat hopefully. If this is it, we should know in a few days.

On a more fun note, the kids put together a gingerbread house. They had so much fun. A day later they ate most of the candy off and demolished it :)

I will be back to update in a few days about the gluten prognosis. This has got to be the answer. We have struggled with this so long and it is so hard to see my baby afflicted with this mess.


Heather said...

I don't normally leave messages for people I don't really know but congrats on looking for the cause of your sons various issues!
We have all the same issues with our daughter, although she is younger. She started getting the skin issues while just being breastfed, so i knew early on that something in my diet was in my milk and causing her to have the eczema. But we have had the same hair, skin, and poop issues.
It is trying at times to keep a kid on a gluten free diet, esp when they are around foods they want to eat but cant.
I hope all goes well.

Jo Abair said...

If the gluten free doesnt work, I may have your answer! I am studying to be an herbalist under an herbalist and she uses plantain salve for eczema, and slippery elm for weight gain. Oh and for the poop, he needs acidopholis. You can buy this at kroger. Switching him to goats milk may help too. I know lots of other things, if you cant find your answer my herbalist will be happy to help you troubleshoot and she doesnt charge for answers and she will tell you how to make herbal solutions as well. It isnt expensive at all if you make things yourself.

Susie said...

Hello, I was just wondering how the gluten-free diet has worked. My 10 month old has horrible eczema too and I have tried everything. He is breast fed too so I am wondering if it is something I need to cut out of my diet as well?
Thanks :)

Rachel said...

Another comment from an eczema kids mom. Our 2 year old was plagued from birth (born wiggling like he was itchy) until at 18 months old we saw an herbalist who said his liver was congested (from jaundice at birth) and recommended acidophilus and digestive enzymes (3x day) to give his liver a break to clean itself out. 3 months later, we had a new boy. He still gets little patches now and then, but it was a whole body thing before. Lots of fluids, limit dairy and gluten, give antioxidant juices, limit dyes/preservatives also helped in the meantime. Hope this helps.

Rachel said...
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