Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time to Spice Up the Blog :)

I felt a little dirty taking this pic and even a little dirtier posting it here (hi mom) but it is really pretty incredible. If I had time, I would love to do some photography stuff with a "real" camera. This is a pair of praying mantiss (or however you make praying matis plural... is it manti?) I nearly stepped on them this morning going into my studio and they were not real happy. They moved (as a team LOL) to the side of the building where they decided to camp out all day. These bugs are quite scary looking and don't like humans at ALL but are really cool. I am sure they got tired of me looking at them. They actually had their heads turned towards the camera fo the pic and I would swear she looks like she is smiling if you have a bigger version of the pic. I always heard rumors that the female eats the male, but as of the end of the day, his head was still intact :)

On other life notes, I always procrastinate every year when I complete my continuing education hours required by the state for my insurance license. In my former life I worked in insurance and I have a license for life/health and property/casualty. I can't bare to let my license expire so I wait until the last day to get everything done. Talk about a load off my shoulders!!!!

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