Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Garden Update #2

It is a really slow start this year to the garden. I have had to deal with some pests already and some poor germination and weather. We have had the threat of tornados it seems like every few days so I would keep getting put off on the updates. We have strawberries that are ripening but due to the heavy rains we have had, many of them are cracking open, but there is still a good amount that are good. Our tomatos that we planted from seed are coming up really well and starting to take off. Almost all we planted have germinated. What is up with the squash? I had all of 2 plants come up and those are the easiest thing to grow. I think the seeds may have not been viable so I re-planted and dumped a bunch in the ground.... watch the ALL come up now :) I quit on green beans. Those danged rabbits eat them as soon as they pop up so I have all of maybe 5 plants. If I can get over my anger, I MAY replant and put some kind of fencing over that bed but am tempted to dig it all up and stick in some flowers or something. I had a bed of okra and cucumbers together and NOTHING came up and you know why? Tons of birds have decided that it is the best place to take dirt baths. I could not believe my eyes. They get in there and ruffle their bodies in the dirt. Lots of them and I think they may have killed the seedlings. I have never dealt with that before.... they are as destructive as our chickens.

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