Saturday, February 2, 2008

I am taking a breather after yesterday's stocking. It was fun changing it up with a night time stocking and doing some differnt kinds of listings. I was on my way outside yesterday afternoon to take the final website pics and before I opened the back door, this little bluebird caught my eye. He was perched up on the clothesline enjoying the sun after the 2 inches of snow we got the day before. I had my camera around my neck and woolies in my hand. I took my camera and zoomed in on the little guy through my back door and was really pleased on how the picture came out. It was nice just to take a short break from busy life and enjoy the surroundings.

I am currently working on the Artisan Baby site this weekend. It is a ton of work getting products together and it is like a scavenger hunt rounding up all the wonderful products. I technically haven't opened it up yet but people have been completing sales. I am just glad it is all apprarently working like it is supposed to :) I hadn't had a chance to do a test sale.